* 1. Flames – Apparently, I am offensive. I really had no idea. More people like to flame me than support me. Be forewarned, if you come trolling onto my blog, you may be deleted, banned, or simply ridiculed at my sole discretion. I will be fair in my own judgement, but that is all I guarantee.

* 2. Political Correctness – Please don’t be politically correct here. We’re all adults. Let’s act like it. I have the right to say something to offend you, and you have the same right towards me. If I find your comment offensive, I will tell you why, and I expect the same from you.

* 3. Language – I am a firm believer in the First Amendment. If you go overboard, prison-rapper-style, potty-mouth on me, I reserve the right to delete your post. Please just use good personal judgment and exercise personal responsibility.

* 4. Straight-Up Offensiveness – Although I don’t condone political correctness, I also do not condone people acting like fools. I will reserve the right to put you down or delete your comment.

* 5. Open Mindedness – This is for fun, people. I’m not trying to single-handedly change the world, or piss you off to no end. If you find an entry offensive, I would ask you to please re-read the post, give me the benefit of the doubt, and ask yourself if you might be taking it the wrong way prior to leaving some emotionally-charged comment. Please come and read, and have fun with me.

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2 thoughts on “Rules

  1. I saw your post about making a holster with a CMR-202 attached. Are you still making holsters or can you direct me to any known companies that make them?


  2. Came across your site while looking for grips for my 22/45. It’s just like yours, the gold anodized version. I really dig the grips you made. Is there any way I could get more info on how you made your grips? Materials and finishing and what not. I’ve never made grips but I’m sure I could.
    Another possibility, if your tired of your current set up..I know someone who’d be interested…


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