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Last Summer, I got my CCW permit. Just before that, I bought a cheap, leather, pancake holster on eBay. I had been told by multiple sources that I would wind up with a box of holsters that didn’t work before all was said and done. In wearing that original holster, I took mental notes on what I liked and didn’t like about it. When I went shopping for a holster, it turned out that I could not find a pre-fabricated holster just exactly like what I wanted to wear. So, I turned to leather working to crank out a home-brewed holster in my exact specifications.

Since then, I have built quite a few unique holsters for friends, family, and by would-be strangers upon commission. For my first several projects, I was uncomfortable charging for my work, as I didn’t have any way to gauge how well my product was going to hold up, or if it would function reliably in everyday life. I’ve been torture-testing two of my earliest pieces since then, and at this point, it’s become clear that this stuff works and wears well. My two daily carry holsters bear the scuffs and scars of laying under the car on gravel, skidding through doorways, cracking against furniture corners, and general lack of TLC. Even so, they retain my weapons securely, draw easily, wear comfortably, and still look reasonably nice. If I was really taking care of them, I’m confident that they would look really nice still.

My specialty would have to be variations on pancake holsters, but I will build holsters in other formats as well. The pancake is very simply an extremely versatile and rugged design base. I can put them together for right or left hand draw, semi-autos or revolvers, and in pretty much any cant angle you could imagine drawing from. I can set them at any ride-height you want on the belt-line, or tweak them for IWB carry. My holsters have so far all been made of top-quality cattle shoulder – with the exception of a half chrome-tanned IWB that I built for my wife. I love colors, and would prefer never to make a completely black holster – I will be happy to do extremely dark, muted colors rather than black. I have not yet worked with exotic hides, but plan to soon. I’m always up for a challenge.

The bottom line is this: I can build a leather holster pretty much however you could possibly want it. If you have specific needs, requirements, or just desires for a holster that nobody else seems to offer, you probably need to give me a shout. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a bunch of holsters you don’t like, get one from me, exactly like you want it, in one investment.

I hope to keep this page updated with projects that I have done, with the goal of journaling future projects in chronological order. Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff.

If you would like to inquire about a new holster, please feel free to email me here.

Thank you!


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fabuflage J-Frame

Since all the holsters I make are full-custom, I don’t really have ‘pricing’ set up. Each holster will be priced individually. However, to give you an idea of what a holster may cost, I will provide some basic pricing ideas. A typical pancake for a full-sized frame will cost about $250.00 and a typical sub-compact will cost about $180.00. This pricing will obviously go up or down depending on options, but it’s a good place to start off – just to give you an idea of what a good holster will cost. I do offer discounts for various reasons, so you might ask if this applies to you. I will do pretty much any color that you want, but if it gets much beyond basic single color, and crosses into ‘exotic’ finish, there will be a 30% surcharge added. If you aren’t sure whether your color is ‘exotic’, feel free to ask. As a basic rule, any one color with a glossy finish will fall into flat pricing brackets, but if you want special texturing, multi-coloration, or appliqued material, we’re probably going to be looking at the ‘exotic’ upcharge. If you want exotic leather, please ask. I don’t have any pricing set up for that, but I would probably work with it for the difference in material price. One way or another, before I cut one piece of leather and lay down one stitch, we will agree on a design and a price. If it does not work for you and for me, we won’t have a deal. So, please feel free to email me if you have any special questions.

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