I know. It’s pretty stupid that I haven’t done anything on my ‘About’ page yet.

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  1. Hey Michael, long long long time. Weird series of web browsing and boredom led me to your blog. Long story short, some one is giving me a piano, it needs tuning, looking for a piano tuner, your dad, remembered you, googled you, found you. If you ever need help with your blog, let me know. I work on Word Press for a living. An in case you still haven’t figured out who this is, think 3rd grade skinny nerd and ninga turtles.

  2. I knew you when I saw your name pop into moderation on my BB. I’ve pointed out your parents’ house to my wife as we’ve driven past. I’m glad you stumbled onto my blog! (CCing to email response)

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting both EVYL ROBOT and Mrs EVYL. We met at some kind of store,(bet you can’t tell me what kind of store it was . . . betcha, ha, :-)) Anyway . . . Super couple and I actually saw and touched that multi-colored pink IWB holster that Mrs. Evyl was wearing. Cool looking and it draws right into the, ahh, her body so there is absolutely no printing.

    SO, I had two handguns that the Master Leather maker, i.e., and a/k/k Evyl Robot did not have a mold for. We met and I gave him my guns so he can make a master mold out of both.

    Then of course we all cruised up and down the different aisles looking and thinking of Christmas and just how great he or she might look wearing one of thoses side arms. (Don’t want to give away the kind of store that we met at, ya know, so I’ll call them side arms).

    Now I can’t wait for what a new holster will look like and Christmas.

    The Sigluvr . . . a/k/a Pete

  4. Hi Michael,
    My name is Zack and I wanted to reach out because out of all the gun blogs I’ve read this is the most entertaining one because you post music videos and make it personal. I like Franz Ferdinand a lot and was surprised to see it on your blog. I work with a pro-American rock band Madison Rising who voices their opinion about supporting our military and things like the 2nd amendment. The guys are NRA members and wrote a great song called “Right To Bear”. We will be releasing their video soon and I wanted to get in touch ahead of time and see if you would take a listen to the song and if you like it I can send the video for you to feature when its complete in a few wks. This is the song


    Please let me know what you think if you get a chance. Thanks so much for your time.


  5. Been spending a lot of time on your site the last few days and thoroughly enjoying it. Your post on the ammo panic was especially interesting–I’ve seen similar situations playing out in my home town (although not as bad, probably because I live in a fairly small town).

    At any rate, thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work! BTW, hope you don’t mind a shameless plug of my holographic sight site, which I bet you’d really enjoy:


  6. Here’s random for you . . . saw your post on another blog in Feb 2014 that you purchased an old Kenmore 158.18023. Wondering how you are enjoying it? Just got one myself, can’t seem to find much useful info online . . .

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