Work III

I do miss my job old job. I miss my coworkers. They were some really great people. I deluded myself to think that I was part of it though. I foolishly turned down other opportunities along the way because I felt like I was needed. I turned down other opportunities because they told me in no uncertain terms that my job was NOT in jeopardy. If things got too rough, we would all take a pay cut before anyone was let go. We now know that was utter rubbish. Although it is obvious that they were hurt by my absence, the owner is entirely too proud to ever admit it. I often mused to one or two of my coworkers that pride would be the thing that would take the company down in the end. I still believe that is true.

I had great ideas that were dismissed out of hand. I had ideas for designs on new products such as a multi-purpose modular compressor frame, as well as revisions on current products, like a soft-close system for a steel cabinet. Once I commented that a valving system needed a superfluous check in it so the end user wouldn’t blow out a vacuum gauge if he turned the wrong knob. That idea was quickly and quietly dismissed as being unnecessary, and yet the end user blew that exact gauge only a few weeks after putting the equipment into service. I had marketing strategies that may have very well freshened up sales that were largely ignored until someone else finally ‘came up’ with the same idea later. Several things that I was pushing for while there have since been implemented. Things that were well within the scope of my job duties that I was trying to get authorization from the owner on are improvements that have been made since my departure.

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  1. There seem to be certain personality traits that run strong among small business owners. One of those is the attitude that nobody else has any good ideas. This often manifests itself with the owner ‘coming up’ with this really good idea that he dismissed countless times before when you suggested it. Often, I’ve seen this turnaround happen within the span of five minutes. As has been said before, live and learn. If and when I have employees, I will remember this and treat my people with respect and give credit where it is due.

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