Work II

The pump is the heart and soul of the compressors that we manufactured. Our pump manufacturer was one of these notoriously unreliable vendors that nearly exclusively dealt with our production manager. We were several weeks past the promised deadline on quite a few pumps, and our production was jammed up because of it. They were not answering the phone, nor were they replying to email. So, we headed over to their shop to see what was going on. There were many apologies, and many excuses, and the sad, sad stories rolled uncontrollably. The manager at the shop promised that we would get pumps soon. They just had some bad luck with some of their vendors, and that was keeping them behind.

Afterward, the owner, my boss, asked our production manger and me each what our impressions were of our visit. The production manager said that he felt like they really were being straight with us, and that we would have new pumps coming in soon. I said the guy was lying through his teeth and just trying to get us off his back. It was the same old song and dance that we had come to expect from these idiots. I said he was full of it, and that we wouldn’t see pumps for weeks still. I said it in pretty much those exact words too. Guess which of us was right?

So, the owner made the decision to let me go because of budget cutbacks, and gave my inventory management duties to the production manager. There are parts like part “ABC”, that I stocked for the company, a few thousand dollars worth at a time. The vendor in question had been trying to push for me to stock more and attempted to push minimum quantity orders on me, but I resisted and negotiated, and maintained the level. At this point, the company stocks at least two to three times my previous annual salary on part “ABC”, because they have no one to negotiate and be a diplomat to those vendors. Sure, in many ways they’ve been able to continue to reap the benefit of my labor. And, that in itself makes me feel bitter towards them.

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  1. Oh, I have no doubt that it would have been far more fiscally responsible to keep me on. But, there are reasons that it is a small shop and will never be anything but a small shop. Part of it is by design and part of it is lack of vision. I really do wish them the best, but it was hurtful and frustrating.

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