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At this point, it’s been a little over a year since I was dismissed from gainful employment. I really did like my job. The business owner claimed that I didn’t, but he was wrong. There are things that I did dislike about my job, but it was really the best time I ever had working for someone else. I was up early the other day, couldn’t go back to sleep, and was laying in bed thinking about my layoff and the surrounding circumstances.

I was in charge of inventory management, vendor relations, and all things shipping. Out of the hundreds of vendors I was working with, procuring thousands of parts and raw materials, obviously I had a few ‘problem’ vendors. But, when vendor X’s purported lead time on a $5 part was two weeks, and I knew that they may not have them in for six months, it only made sense for me to stock that part for a six-month projection on usage. I was good at that. Other vendors which the company had dealings with for years prior to my hire were notorious for their lack of reliability and flakiness. And yet, in building relationships, I was able to get quite reliable service and quick response times from them. Still, there was no hope for other vendors. I identified these and cut them out like a cancer, often finding replacement vendors that could sell us the same products for significant savings. I was quite easily earning my own salary in savings to the company alone on an annual basis, with that much in residuals as well.

The production manager had weaseled his way into taking on several of the vendors, and frankly was doing a crappy job with them. His hand-full of vendors were nothing but trouble with rare exception. Toward the end of my employment, I was attempting to take these back from him so that I could give them the same treatment. This was a difficult task, as most people in the company were completely enabling his behavior. Also, the vendors themselves had a good-old-boy attitude and would usually refuse to talk to me, as if he had me circumvented on an explicated basis. One of the last steps I took in this process, right before my dismissal, was when I went to visit our pump manufacturer with the production manager.

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  1. Evyl, you were doing the right thing for the WHOLE company, the other guy, well it would be interesting to know how much he was getting in kickbacks/other things… Remember, USE the lessons of the past to build the future with!

  2. I don’t know exactly why things went down the way they did, but it appears that I’m getting the last laugh. You are absolutely right that there are lessons to be learned! When I went to work there I was hoping to learn how to run a business. I never anticipate that I would actually learn more from the bad decisions than from the good. That is to say, I didn’t learn how to do business at all – I learned how NOT to do business. That’s probably the more valuable lesson in the end.

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