Quoted from John Farnam’s email with permission:

31 Jan 11

Insurmountable odds?

Earlier this month, a single Indian Gurka soldier (retired) foiled an armed
robbery attempt, involving a large criminal gang. There were forty of
them! He also prevented at least one forcible rape. The Gurka himself is
okay, but three robbery suspects are DRT. At least eight others were badly
injured. The balance fled!

The Gurka was aboard a train in India when the robbery attempt took place.
He sat silently while the gang snatched cash, rings, jewelry, cell
phones, etc from terrified passengers. They threatened with knives and pistols.
But, when several robbery suspects attempted to rape a teenage girl, the
Gurka sprang into action! With consummate skill, he employed his
stock-and-trade weapon, the famous Khukuri blade.

The bandits were no match for him!

With blinding speed, he dispatched them as if they were chickens. Who
could, fled for their lives!

In the process, the courageous Gurka suffered a knife wound to his left
hand, but was otherwise okay. None of the other passengers were seriously

Unlike in America, the Gurka’s bold actions were praised by government and
media alike. He is officially recognized for the hero that he is, not
denigrated, castigated, and remotely psychoanalyzed as would be his fate over

Good show, Bud!


Unlike so many these days, this Gurka knows right from wrong! He knew he
had to act, and he knew he had the skills, equipment, and heart necessary to
prevail. The last thing these bandits expected was forceful resistance.
When it came their way, they couldn’t handle it!

He (1) sized-up the situation, (2) made a plan, and (3) exploded into

He neither hesitated, nor dithered. He swept his mind free of clutter and
focused completely upon the task at hand.

When he made the decision to act, he attacked with all he was worth,
holding nothing back.

With consummate skill and daring, and with superiority of purpose, he
became a precise, seamless whirlwind of motion- unbeatable, unstoppable. To
their horror, these bandits found themselves completely outclassed!

“Never tell me the odds!”

Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford), Star Wars, 1977


A lesson I’ll add to that: Don’t screw with a Gurkha.

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