Short Films to Occupy Your Time

Honda has a series of short films posted here that seem to be about exploration. I just watched the intro video, and I’m impressed. It kind of reminds me of BMW’s The Hire series, but these look to be more of a documentary format rather than fictional stories. I haven’t watched all of the Honda videos, but at this point I intend to. Of course, there was brand recognition and a little product placement in the intro video, but it was certainly not telling me that I should buy a new Accord. Most of the product mentions had to do with new technology development (as in stuff we won’t see on the road for another decade). Anyway, I fount it interesting and thought you might as well. With that, I’ll close with “The Star” from The Hire from BMW, starring Madonna and Clive Owen, directed by Guy Ritchie (and my personal favorite in the series). This, incidentally is an exaggerated example of why people should wear their seat belt particularly when they ride with me.

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2 thoughts on “Short Films to Occupy Your Time

  1. Very interesting great video!

    First time that i watch the Honda short film and it seems there’s a series of it that gives interest to all their audiences with regard to their ongoing researches on new technology developments on their products. Yup, its a kind of documentary film which will give you lots of information on their goals impart on their products for the benefit of their consumers.

    “The hire” video is quite different since it has a story and characters played by well known stars but i like the Honda’s documentary because of clear information on what the consumers to expect to their products.

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