Oklahoma – The Scariest Place to Live!!!

So apparently, Oklahoma is in a three-way tie with Kentucky and Louisiana for dead-last on the Brady list. Yes, their 2008 scorecard clearly prints my beloved state underneath any other with a breathtaking two points to prevent gun violence. And, I’ve got to tell you folks, that’s why everybody always gets shot here. Legal gun owners shoot everyone. Everyday. I’ve been shot three times already just this morning. When I pee, spent lead falls in the toilet. You out-of-staters ever seen an Okie? We’re like swiss-cheese-people. We all have tinnitus from the constant gunfire. These guns are uncontrollable. God bless Sarah Brady and her minions! Someone needs to corral the wild little things. I hope to be safe from myself one day. Until then, I’ll just keep dodging bullets and hope that I don’t get hit any place vital…

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