Shooting in Tucson

There is mourning and there are accusations of guilt. But, I’m not going to focus on those things. I’m not here to write about the tragedy, the losses, the crime, the cause, or any of those things. I want to take a moment to write about the heroes and their enormous victory on January 8, 2011. I don’t at all want to minimize the victims in this situation, but our heroes deserve some serious recognition.

The fact is that Joe Zamudio, one of the citizens who tackled the shooter, who was armed at the time more than likely limited the victim count to 20 instead of the capacity of all the ammo the deranged lunatic had on him. He didn’t run away from the gunfire like a sensible person would, he ran into it to try to help.

Col. Bill Badger, 74 years old, was another one. He was actually shot in the head prior to tackling the shooter. Dude has big old brass ones swinging back and forth. When I’m 74 I can only dream I’ll be tough enough to get shot in the head and then take down a 22 year old.

I have a feeling that Daniel Hernandez will get a promotion if Giffords can recover and resume work. If he was my intern and did something like that, I’d make sure to make him a nice job offer.

And 61-year-old Patricia Maisch focused through her own panic to wrestle the ammunition out of the hands of the killer. Getting knocked down, watching people all around shot dead, most people in her place would have just gone into shock. But not her. She stared death in the face and said, ‘not today.’

This story is not a failure, it is a success. Yes, the lives lost and affected are tragic, but this is so far removed from the worst case scenario. I haven’t seen any reports on how much ammo he had on him, but if he had two 15-rounders that came with the gun in addition to the two 33-round mags reported, we’re talking about nearly a hundred shots that he could have fired if good people had done nothing. Even Christina Green’s dad made the statement that he’s thankful for our freedoms, even if this is the risk. Wow!

As a side note:

Police have said the gunman did manage to put another magazine into his firearm, but its spring failed.

We can learn from the mistakes of the BG. Make sure all your equipment works!

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