Gun Forum Flame War Starters

Here are some tips for stirring the pot and dragging the trolls out from under bridges…


Smith & Wesson revolvers are better than Ruger revolvers.

Taurus revolvers are just as good as S&W revolvers.

AR15s are better than AK47s.

1911s are better than Glocks.

A big bullet moving slow is better than a little bullet moving fast.

A Remington 870 is a better defensive shotgun than a Mossburg.

A Taurus The Judge loaded with .410 birdshot is the ultimate in home-defense.

I can shoot MOA groups with my Raven.

Carrying extra magazines or speedloaders is just being paranoid.

Carrying a BUG is just being paranoid.

Leather is better than Kydex.

DA revolvers are better than auto-loading pistols.

(Or the reverse of many of these assertions.)


The S&W internal lock.

Taurus The Judge.

Hi-Point Firearms.

AR15 add-ons.

Glock Model 7.

Rimfire for defense.

Tactical shotgun add-ons.

Harry Reid.

The NRA.


Which optic should I use on my gun?

Which caliber is the proven one-shot stopper?

Which caliber is best for hunting?

What is the best gun to get for my wife/girlfriend/mother?

What is the best gun to purchase as my first gun?

What is the best gun to carry where it is illegal to carry?

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5 thoughts on “Gun Forum Flame War Starters

  1. Well everyone knows that the 1911 rimfire revolver is the best in the world for hunting buffalo as well as for home defense since you can have 28 rounds in the tube…..

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