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Friends, if both of you buy a belt at The Holster Site, I can have dinner tonight. I kid, I kid! But, seriously. This is the best belt I’ve ever handled.


I’ve been wearing mine for a few weeks now, and it is wearing very nicely. What makes this belt special is that it is two layers of top-grain leather with a nylon webbing reinforced core. It is extremely tough, but it’s also very comfortable. The nylon core reduces stretch and roll, adds strength, and leaves the belt flexible enough that it will shape to your body.


The three layers are first glued and then stitched together. The belt is then fitted with a buckle with two Chicago screws. For a little extra, you can get all the hardware in solid stainless steel.


These are priced at $90.00 with chromed hardware or $100.00 with solid stainless steel hardware, but I’ve got them on an introductory half-price sale through Christmas Eve. That means $45.00 for the standard hardware or $50.00 with stainless! This price is against all my better judgment, so needless to say, I just don’t see it happening again.

So, cruise on by The Holster Site and order yours today. If you are so excited you can’t stand to leave this page, simply order your belt here:

Please specify color & length

Don’t forget to specify the length needed from where the belt folds over the buckle to the middle adjustment hole!

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3 thoughts on “Buy a Belt!

  1. Zack, it is a 1.5-inch belt. It will just go through the belt loops in all my jeans and slacks. I’ve alphabetically tested it on everything I’ve got from Armani to Wrangler. I haven’t found anything that it won’t work on besides some old, Eastern European military pants FWIW. Depending on how well these do, I’ll aim to add a few more widths. I know that many ladies like a narrower belt, and there’s just something about a wider belt that’s really nice.

    Falnfenix, two thoughts –
    1. At this price, you could buy a belt sized to your goal as incentive to get where you would like to be.
    2. At this price, you could get a belt to wear, and once you shrink beyond its usefulness, you could have it altered to fit your slimmer form. Shortening a belt is not impossible.
    Either way, it’s win-win!

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