Why I’m Thankful for President Obama

I try to keep the language clean on my blog. However, this entry does contains some profanity.

Society has a short memory span. This is why Joe Biden is employed despite being a blatant plagiarist and all around laughing stock. The memory span is so short and fickle in fact, that at the end of the consecutive W terms, many people hated President Bush, despite the obvious achievements of his administration. Despite the fact that there were many chemical weapons discovered in Iraq, people continued the schoolyard mantra, “Bush lied!” Despite Bush’s philanthropic work in Africa, libtards have portrayed him as a heartless dictator. But, that doesn’t really matter right now.

In the 2008 Presidential election, we had a choice. The choice was to vote between a decorated war hero or the new guy. The decorated war hero has a really hot entrepreneurial wife who drifts race cars and owns a beer company. The decorated war hero’s running mate was a beautiful, charming, witty, intelligent, power babe with a big stud of a husband at her side. They have a beautiful family of weirdly-named children. The new guy is pretty much still a complete mystery. There’s very little documentation about his past including his complete educational career. There’s even still a lot of contention about his citizenship status. He didn’t reliably do his job as a senator, and he’s rarely seen without his teleprompter. His running mate was a known copycat fraud and his wife is basically Marie Antoinette, to put it nicely (not that we knew it that back then). The point is, we had a choice and we chose the new guy.

I’m glad actually. McCain served our country in ways that we should all be grateful for. He also surrounds himself with amazing women. Those are not really grounds for making a good president. Had McCain been elected, we would have wound up with a mediocre, Republican president. It would have only been a delay of the inevitable, and the last thing that we needed. What we needed to bring in in 2008 was a truly shitty president, so people could be reminded of what a truly shitty president really is. Thank you, Obama, for filling that and not disappointing. In fact, keep up the shitty work and guarantee that the next several presidents will be great Americans.

The best part is that the current administration has made more people care about freedom, liberty, gun ownership, personal responsibility, and capitalism than there have been in about 200 years. We’re nearly guaranteed to have a government that is right of center for quite a while. The worst part is that he who is vying for the position of the worst president in history is also our first non-white president. Way to screw it up for anybody else, jackass! Rasmussen gives him an approval index of -10 not even two years after his election. He certainly did set the bar for shitty.

In a couple of weeks, we have more choices. I’m pretty sure that our nation will very strongly make the right (as opposed to left) choices. This actually concerns me to a degree. On the one hand, it will pretty well castrate the power of our very own Chairman Zero so he won’t be able to pressure through any more crap legislation. On the other hand, there’s the lame duck session to look forward to, and if Teh One! is kept too much in check, the last two years of his term really won’t look so bad. He needs to be screwing up enough that people will still be pissed at him in 2012.

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