Central OK Earthquake

You heard right. At 9:06 this morning, we had an earthquake that spanned the Oklahoma City metro area with a magnitude of 4.3. Here are the specifics from people who know more about these things than I do. It looks like my lovely bride beat me to the post, actually. This is strange. I’ve never felt anything like that before. It felt and sounded like a Chinook was landing on the roof. There were rattly windows and doors. All the pictures and clocks on the walls were rattling. Ferrule the meezer ran for his life. Heidi, our diminutive guard dog barked like crazy. Emerson the tonkanese continued purring and slept right through it. Now, for the jokes:

Nobody was hurt, just a little shaken up.

I just had an Earth moving experience.

Did anybody get the number on that tectonic plate?

Alright. For my coastal reader, this is not as fantastic as it is to me. Back to your regularly-scheduled show.


As I look at this map, it appears that this one shook the middle third of the state, stretching from the south side of the Red River and extending nearly to the northern border of the state.

I’d heard rumors that we were due for “The Big One” but never paid much attention, as we never get quakes in this part of the country. Granted, a 4.3 is not exactly “The Big One”, but it’s far more powerful than anything we’re used to here. Every now and then, I’d hear of a very minor shaker in the southeastern corner of the state, but never did I imagine that we’d get one like this. Crazyness, I tells ya!


Apparently, they’re now calling it a 5.1.

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