Eating Out Rant

My wife sent me this link.

It reminds me of my view on ordering a hamburger out. There is a pre-ordained, universal scale by which red meat is cooked. You can look for yourself if you would like! This is just one reference in which you will find the following:

Rare: Cool RED Center
Medium Rare: Hot RED Center
Medium: Pink Throughout
Medium Well: Slight trace of Pink
Well Done: Browned throughout.

The waitress will ask, ‘How do you want your burger cooked?’
Don’t ask me if you don’t care. Don’t ask so I can tell you ‘medium rare,’ in the hopes that I’ll luck into getting a ‘medium’ burger just so you can bring me a burger that’s ‘well done’ – just like all the other damned burgers in the place! Fire the cook and hire a chef. The lazy-eyed, drooling, 45-IQ’d spatula-flipper can’t cook a burger any but ONE way. Own it!
I’m not speaking of fast-food here either. At sit-down restaurants that have the audacity to charge $7-$8 and upwards for a burger, this crap is occurring with more and more frequency around here! Once, I had to send back a certified black angus burger THREE TIMES before I gave up and ordered something else!
Instead of, ‘How do you want your burger cooked?’ the server needs to say ‘Our inbred cook only knows how to burn burgers. You want to order something else, or just find another place to eat?’

Wow! Where did that rant come from?

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