Alright. I’ve never really played with one of these things before. I’ve been familiar with Skype, but have never used it. I’ve never had a system that had a webcam until now. So, I played with it some the other day.


It seems to take pictures alright. But, it has a set of ‘effects’ that appear as goofy frames or other random objects when you apply them. Then, you’ve got some odd object in your pic or video.


Yeah. Like that. How are we supposed to deal with these things?


Well, there’s an idea. Maybe there are other ways though.


Maybe there are nicer ways.


We may be weird, but we’re in love.


The ‘effects’ even work on video.

It always helps if you know how to operate the equipment.

Some of them are animated. Some are animated backwards no less!

None of these are exactly tasteful. How does one appropriately use a border of fall leaves anyway?

I have mused for some time now about publishing a video blog entry from time to time…

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