I have suggested that everyone who is not opposed join the NRA. This is something that I had not done, and I felt that it was about time I start practicing what I’ve been preaching. So, last night, I called the NRA and got three lifetime memberships – one for Jenni, one for my son, and one for myself. They have an easy plan to pay for such an arrangement. If you get the lifetime membership, they will allow you to pay it out at $25.00 per month, interest free, until you have paid the balance. This membership has been $1,000.00 per membership, but recently they have been running some very attractive specials to sweeten the deal for people who have wanted to join, but just have not yet. Now that I have room to talk, you should go join now. All it takes is one simple phone call. They have 1-year memberships, 3-year memberships, and other options beyond that. This organization works very hard to keep people educated about the safe and responsible use of firearms. Just as importantly, this organization works very hard to keep legislation in check, to make sure those ‘common sense’ measures truly don’t infringe on our Second Amendment Rights. Even if you do not own any firearms, even if you don’t intend to ever own any firearms, they need your support. Once our rights start getting stepped on, it won’t be long before we go down the slippery slope and lose our Freedom and Liberty. Now it is more important than ever for us to make a stand and claim our individual rights and freedoms.

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2 thoughts on “NRA

  1. I’ve signed up. Even have an NRA chapter out here that wants me to start coming to meetings.

    Not so sure about that part though, I’m not much for group stuff.

  2. Yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh… I haven’t heard anything about meetings. I’m not convinced I would want to do that either.

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