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This post is mostly cross-posted from The Holster Site. I say ‘mostly’ because it’s not verbatim. Okay. The introduction is different, but it’s pretty much the same post from there on. If you click on any of the pics in this post, it will take you to the entry on The Holster Site. If you’ve made a habit of reading my blog and didn’t wind up here on accident, looking for robot porn or something, you probably recall this post in which I experimented with new product types outside the scope of a standard holster. If I didn’t drive you away since then, you probably read this post in which I talk about tools and materials, and talk about a handbag that I was working on. Well, now I’ve got something to show for it.


The details are everything. Even the dust bag is stitched from Indian silk, and matches the lining.


Please note the seams in the silk dust bag.


Yes. I’m that serious about making a quality product. But, you want to see the bag itself, not the dust bag!


The black top-grain leather is soft and luxurious. The sanded and polished stingray hide (also called shagreen), adds another dimension of beauty to this handmade bag.


The small pouch beside the bag is filled with aromatic cedar, to freshen the leather and silk when storing the bag.


Solid metal feet won’t smash or fall off like the cheap ones that are typically found on most bags.


The sassy, silk lining matches the dust bag and the cedar pouch. There are rugged leather pockets around the perimeter of the bag.


This bag includes a matching key ring and a place to hang it inside the purse. In the above picture, you can also see the outline of the magnetic closure on the front of the bag.


The logo fob is hand beaded in a peyote stitch, in coordinating colors.


The strap adjusts between twenty-four inches for a high shoulder carry, or out to fifty-six inches for a relaxed cross-body carry. These numbers were customer specified.


Of all the details I’ve shown you, I save the most important one for last.


I designed the pistol pocket to accommodate a variety of compact handguns. It will easily carry my customer’s Bersa, a subcompact Glock, a snubby revolver, and many others. In this picture, my wife’s Smith & Wesson M&P9c is secured in the pocket. If you or someone you love would like me to make a custom bag for them, but they don’t carry a gun, I’m more than willing to substitute another non-gun pocket.

This bag is completely stitched in a heavy, bonded nylon thread. All the seams are finished and most are reinforced, even where you can’t see them. I did this so it would be beautiful and durable. There is no plastic or cardboard in this bag. There are no man-made materials at all. My entire product line is based on the concept of beauty and durability. I fully expect my customer’s heirs to treasure this bag one day. One like this is fully capable of lasting that long.

Husbands and boyfriends, It’s a great time to place Christmas orders!

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