BEMF – Watch Experiment Results II

By now, anybody who has been been reading my blog is aware of my watch experiments. For anybody else who doesn’t feel like following that link, here’s a quick update: My Seiko and my Tag Heuer were both significantly losing time, after relatively fresh overhauls. The reason I’m wearing mechanical movements is that something about my body’s chemistry quickly kills quartz watches. Since both automatics were losing time, I decided to demagnetize them and see if that fixed the problem. With the Seiko, it very much did fix the problem.

I’ve been wearing my Tag for six weeks now since the demagnetization. I set it to the time on my phone, which as you probably have assumed is set by the atomic clock in Colorado. At this point, the Tag is eight minutes fast, according to the same reference. So, it appears to be gaining 1:20 per week, which although not perfect, is a significant improvement over what it was doing prior to the demagnetization. Until this writing, I have not attempted to start the timer on the watch. But, I will now start the timer and run it for a minute as a preliminary test.

The one minute test functioned correctly, except the reset seems to be jammed on the minute hand of the timer. I’m going to reset the time, turn on the timer and run it for a couple of hours see if that corrects the problem. I’ll let you know what happens!

UPDATE *cheesey telegraph beeping sound*

The Tag’s movement got completely jammed when the timer had hit about half an hour. The minute hand still doesn’t reset. I’m really annoyed. I’m going to call the jeweler who rebuilt it and give them a piece of my mind!

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