Hats III

If you’ve been following my blog, you have no doubt read that I’m currently looking at hats. My last post detailed the first eBay hat that came in. I’m still working with that one, but it may prove to be a lost cause. We shall see. My son thought it was funny when I put a couple of his plush toys on my head.


Nothing says bad to the bone like a red bear riding a frog riding on your head, right? So anyway, the other hat that I purchased on eBay came in on Thursday, just in time for Christmas. I must add a disclaimer here: I have successfully purchased clothing, boots, and shoes on eBay. Granted, it hasn’t been 100% success, but it has been an enormous net gain. I can count on one hand the number of online clothing and accessory purchases have been busts – including some successful purchases of Italian designer clothing for my wife – that is until hats. For whatever reason, an auction pic such as this:


…does not automatically register in my head as this:


It did fit above my ears, but I was likely to knock doorways with the top of that crown. It totally felt like I was wearing an Arby’s hat. Instinct‘s wife, Intuition said that I need ‘supervision’ when I’m shopping for hats. As far as how I’m wearing it in that picture is concerned, it was cold and blustery, and the hat was pretty warm pulled that low. In my back yard, it’s not like anybody was going to see me like that – unless some weirdo posted the pic on the interwebtron or something, right? As an aside, nice blizzard, eh? FYI – the coat and gloves are actually black.

This is a really nicely made 4x Stetson. The felt is very soft to the touch, and the color is beautiful. Even as goofy as the shape is, I’m sure it was quite expensive new. The crown was very nearly fully open, with one tiny little crease in the top, and the pinch in the front. Although the brim was nice and stiff, the crown was quite soft. I liked the way the brim was shaped, but the tall crown made my want to kick my own behind every time I saw myself in the mirror! So, I once again put on a kettle of water and worked up some steam. I very carefully inverted the brim and then popped the middle back out. Then, I pinched the front and made sure it fit my head. I’m pretty happy about how it looks now. Here are the results:


Jenni said that she would bead a new band for it, and I may try tooling a leather hat band or two. I’m trying to decide whether I need to completely cease online hat purchasing or if I have learned anything from my isolated yet dismal success rate. The savings can be quite significant, as I didn’t pay nearly as much as I should have for either hat. That in and of itself may be enough motivation to keep going like I am. In any case, please do let me know what you think about it!

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4 thoughts on “Hats III

  1. I’d score that as somewhere between option #1 and #2. It did look pretty good before, MUCH better now! Now the ratio between crown height and brim width is much, much better for the shape and size of your head. And yes, you need a new hat band.

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