BEMF – Watch Experiment Results I

On October 27, I wrote about attempting to demagnetize my watch to see if that would make it keep better time. On Saturday, October 24, I used my Elimag on both my Seiko and my Tag Heuer. The Tag has been in my underwear drawer since then, but I’ve been wearing the Seiko constantly. I reported that my Seiko had been losing approximately six minutes a month, and that I wondered if this problem was due to magnetism. On November 1, I forgot that I was conducting this experiment, and went to reset it, as I have the habit of doing at the beginning of each month. So, I lost my results for that week. However – today, December 1, I am happy to report that my Seiko has actually gained a minute in the last month! I would consider that a huge success! When I get home this evening, I’ll stash my Seiko in my underwear drawer and switch over to the Tag again (that is – if I don’t forget). We shall see whether I experience similar results with it. I wonder if other people have trouble with their mechanical watches and magnetism…

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  1. Yes. I finally killed off my Timex pocket watch. Luckily, I have a new toy… an Omron pedometer that seems to be shielded, and has a watch built in.

    Having a family history of BEMF sucks. Someday I’ll have to post about how my Grandpa shut down truck engines, though.
    .-= Dixie´s last blog ..[snerk] =-.

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