New Goodies!

I ordered some high-strength thread today for my holster making. Up until now, I’ve just been using a heavy, waxed poly thread. I’m going to experiment with using a heavy, waxed Kevlar thread, and a heavy, waxed, Vectran yarn. It’s not that I’ve had any problems with what I’ve been using, I’m just seeing if it can be done better. We shall see!

Also, I’m working on a method to cast my own dummy guns. The Blueguns are great, and the aluminum guns are even better, but some of the more esoteric guns are really hard to come by! I’m currently on waiting lists for several castings. A couple of these, I’ve actually had in my hands at one time or another. I’d like to get to a point where I cast the gun to make the holster, so I can use the cast again for subsequent holsters. I’ve been looking at alginate impression material for the mold and some type of two-part resin for the cast. I think I need to get some of this stuff and start experimenting…

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