Of OS and Men

I wish there was a better computer operating system available. I have some pointed complaints about the big three.

The thing that I hate about Apple is they have this neat way of doling out technology so they can milk maximum profit from it. Take the iphone for example. The first one, which had all of two neat features, sucked by comparison to the one today, which does all the stuff a Blackberry does, and you can’t tell me that they were not capable of doing the nifty tricks of the new one back then – or at least some of them. It’s like they’ve got a little panel of people whose job it is to sit around and decide the minimum they can give a product and still make you want it really, really bad. Then, when people start to get tired of it, they’ll release the next one with a few more features.

M$ OTOH, releases some kind of mutated, pile of crap that they are going to charge you a premium for, and calls it the next best thing. Vista, for example. Let’s face it, it has taken them well over a decade to get the NT kernel working as well as it currently is. Even so, it’s still buggy and fragile as OS’s are concerned. Then, they say they’ve released the final bug fix which is the bestest, most goodest OS ever ever, it’s going to be an impenetrable fortress of an OS that will be super-duper user-friendly and it will poop rainbows. And, it’s Vista. It won’t run your drivers without some *ahem* creative manipulation and some eleven-year-old in Bosnia hacks the kernel three hours after the official release.

Then, you have Linux. Don’t like to spend a lot of time configuring? Don’t use Linux. Don’t like to or understand how to script? Linux is not for you. Want to run proprietary software? Not going to work on Linux unless you want to spend A LOOOOOOOT of time configuring (a PHD wouldn’t hurt). Need special drivers for your hardware? Keep your fingers crossed, and plan on spending a lot of time configuring. Want to work full-time and have a social life? You probably don’t want to use Linux. Do you live in your parent’s basement, don’t have a girlfriend, and find yourself bored off your gourd for hours upon hours? Give Linux a whirl!

This is probably the reason that I don’t really have my own PC running at home currently.

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