Long Live Free Enterprise!

It seems to be a hot issue that people are following the Left so blindly. Look at what Poliwax or JAFO have to say about it.

It makes me sick when people take the attitude of, “You will prove that you are not a racist by voting for the black guy.” Excuse me!?!??!?!? I’m going to prove that I’m not a racist by voting for the best guy for the job, regardless of his race! To do otherwise IS THE DEFINITION of racism!

The Dems try to argue that up is down, left is right, and the sky is green. They talk about “reasonable gun restrictions,” “a woman’s right to choose” and “spreading the wealth around” in generalized terms that sound noble on the surface and belie their true meanings of “disarm the population so they are easier to control,” “guilt young women into murdering their unborn children” and “institute wide-spread socialism.”

It’s a frightening world we live in when such idiocy is threatening the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. This is supposed to be the Last Stand, the Haven for those who believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. And yet, they are trying to turn it into a “fair” place where everyone gets to go see the doctor regardless of what he or she gives to life or how one handles one’s own resources. -a “fair” place where the most successful tow all the others behind them on a chain.

I don’t WANT to have the richest of the rich subsidizing my lifestyle. I LIKE being middle-class, and I LIKE the opportunity to pull myself up by my own bootstraps. My household was not always middle-class. There was a time when we calculated our gross income and found that we were comfortably BELOW the poverty line. We were not only applicable for welfare assistance, we were GUARANTEED to get it if we had only applied. But, we were too F-ing proud, and still are. We were eating healthy, nutritious meals, we had clothing to wear, we had a warm, dry house to come home to, and we had love for each other – the three of us – and ambitions that kept us striving for better. We also had the Love of God, Who made sure our needs were met, no matter how poor we were.

Of our own determination and hard work, we rose to where we are today. If someone else had dragged us to where we are today (burdened to do so, or by their own choice), we would not have learned the lessons that we did along the way. I do not WANT the government to take away my opportunity for success or failure, because I INTEND to succeed ON MY OWN, by God’s Grace. I don’t WANT my success to come out of anyone else’s pocket. I don’t WANT to take the same opportunities away from anyone that is less fortunate than me. If I see someone who is truly struggling, I will not callously look on in disinterest, but I will not give them a hand-out that will not ULTIMATELY help them. I want to see them succeed too much for that.

Welfare should not be to support lifestyle. Welfare should be a temporary fix for those who are in the PROCESS of failing to a degree that they can never recover from it. I don’t want anyone to take away my ability to fail, for in as much, he takes away my ability to succeed. Everyone should have such opportunity – to truly LIVE the American Dream.

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