Halloween Update With Pics!

So, when I posted about our Halloween weekend camp out and shoot out, I promised pics. I was going to do this yesterday, but with the shiny objects and all, it just didn’t happen. So, without further delay…

Fall Colors 2

The weather was beautiful! It’s pretty difficult to argue with a warmer than normal, Oklahoma Fall afternoon!

Fall Colors

The moon was out, and the sky was clear and blue.

The Moon

My parents even got in on the action!

Mom and Dad

Kiddo had fun spinning his glow stick on a string.

Isaac With Glow Stick

It looked like so much fun that I had to give it a try!

Dad With Glow Stick

Yes, I am just about that goofy in real life.

The next morning, we shot clays.


And, shot clays.


And then…


I love shooting clays!


Sunday was arguably a prettier day than Saturday. It was the perfect weather for shooting.

The Flying Pigeon

My sis-in-law didn’t shoot much, but I know that she hit at least one with her single-shot .410. It is debated whether she hit more than that. I think she did. Either way, I think that’s braggable.

And the Hit!

Here’s me, sending clay birdies to hell! Muahahahahahaaaa!


And, that’s about all we’ve got for now, as the other cameras that were there haven’t produced photos yet… Maybe I’ll be able to add some more when I get them.

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