Halloween Recoil Therapy

My brother’s birthday is October 22, and Jenni’s birthday is October 23. They decided that the best way to celebrate this year was to have a camping trip for Halloween. Since my birthday is in August, it’s usually way too hot to have any such celebration, so I decided to postpone it until Halloween weekend. Eventually, my brother announced that it would be a birthday party for anyone whose calendar birthday fell within six months of Halloween. 😀

So, on Saturday afternoon, we trucked it out to the family farm. Much to my surprise, my parents actually showed up! They don’t usually come out with us. My brother had his heart set on a huge group, but I was really relieved that most of the invitees didn’t show. I just didn’t have the patience for a large group and firearms. My brother’s friend Danton came and brought his Winchester 1200 and Model 94 in 30-30. My friend Sean met up with us after dark, and Danton and my parents left later Saturday evening. On one personal trip into the woods, Jenni saw a bobcat climb down a tree beside her, make eye contact with her, and scamper away! I kind of knew we had some wild cats in the area, but I’ve never actually seen one in the wild.

That afternoon, we shot some paint cans and apples with our handguns and rifles, and shot some clays with our shotguns. Danton let me try out his M94. I’ll be putting one of those on my must have list! Kiddo got to blow up a paint can with his 10/22, and show off his rapidly improving rifle skills. He also tried out the 20 gauge. I’m going to have to work with him on his shotgun stance, but I’m confident that he’ll do great once he finally gets it. I put 30-rounds through my AR, and I think that was all the EBR action we had over the weekend. Funny enough, we brought three .22 rifles, and I didn’t shoot a single rim fire round!

After we finished shooting for the evening, we buttoned down the guns and had campfire hot dogs and meatloaf. We drank whiskey and smoked cigars and had a great time. We went to sleep relatively early and the results of our sleep was mixed. At some point in the night, a curious animal of some kind brushed against our tent a few times. We joked that it might have been Jenni’s bobcat!

The next morning, we got up and had bagels with cream cheese, cinnamon rolls (thanks to Jenni’s parents), and RedBull Cola (thanks to Beej, who couldn’t make it on this trip). After breakfast, we went back to shooting. Yesterday, I believe I put more full-house Magnums through my .44 than I had in the combined, previous 12-months. I burned up a whole lot of .357 Magnum as well. And, I shot clays until my shoulder hurt and could have happily shot that much again had I not shot out of bird shot shells. I didn’t feel inclined to shoot any .38 Special or .44 Special. I was looking for the big booms on this trip! Apparently, I needed that. I felt like I needed that.

Danton and Sean each tried my M29. Danton commented that it is a “brutal beast”, and Sean only cared to fire half a cylinder. I have to give it to them, the M29 is a handful, but I love it!

The weather was beautiful, and the shooting was good. I can’t think of a better way to spend 24-hours of a weekend. We enjoyed God’s creation and indulged in some of the better things in life. Jenni and I really needed the down time, and found the weekend to be a great stress-reliever. If I had it to do over again, I would have left two of the .22’s at home along with one of the AR’s. I would have brought half as much handgun ammo and twice as many shot shells. I’m hoping to upload some pics in an update.

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    OrangeNeck, or Bigfoot! LOL!

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