Sewing Leather

Some of my more recent holster projects have revealed that I may need to come up with a better set of tools for my stitching. Sewing these things together is quite labor intensive – especially when I get to heavier pieces. There is a double-line of stitching on the holster that I’m working on for my sister in law that is about 5/8-inch thick! I’ve sewn half of it so far. I had to take a break. It gets really difficult to keep the holes straight when it’s that thick. After that, running the needle through the hole is difficult. I didn’t want to make the holes too big or the thread wouldn’t have any friction against the material, but too small and I wouldn’t be able to put the needle through. I think I need a machine. I’d really love to get a Singer 97-10.

It is reported that it will mow right through a full inch of leather! Unfortunately, it also looks like it would take about four thousand dollars for me to acquire the beast! So, if either of you are wondering what to get your old pal, Evyl Robot for Christmas…

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  1. I’ve looked at the Tippmann products, believe it or not. Although that is an improvement over my current, blister-producing method, if I make a move to a machine, I’d really like to go ahead and get a powered machine. I’ve heard of people using the Artisans, but I hadn’t really looked at them yet. That Toro 3000 looks nice! I wonder if there’s any place that I could buy that locally. It would be cool if I could put one on layaway at a store in the area…

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