Parenting and Guns – Part II

Several of you provided me some very encouraging words to my last post. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Last night, we did our regular Monday runaround. We are currently in one car. I work the furthest from home, so I have the car at the beginning and end of the daily carpool. I frantically attempt to leave work at 4:30 p. m. sharp. My day officially ends at 4:30, but I’m often in the middle of stuff, so I may go fifteen or twenty minutes over, but not on Mondays. It’s thirty minutes to Jenni‘s office to pick her up. Then, it’s another thirty minutes to the school to pick up Kiddo. On our way out of the parking lot, we probe him about his day and make sure that he was able to finish all his homework in after-school. I must note that he’s been particularly fastidious about this in fifth grade. That’s been a relief. Last night, we decided to pick up some Sonic on our way back to the range. It is a thirty minute trip from the school to the range as long as I can maintain 9mph over the speed limit for most of the trip. The gun range is ironically less than ten minutes away from my office. The air rifle training starts at 6:00. When you’ve done the math, you can see that it’s some pretty rigorous driving on Monday evenings between my office and the gun range which is a stone’s throw away. But, I digress…

Kiddo shot really well last night! He hasn’t been doing this for very long, but he is progressing rapidly. The coach is great with the kids, and highly knowledgeable in the necessary techniques, etc. Kiddo also shows a lot of natural talent for marksmanship. Sure, the first few times we took him, he shot all the heck over the target. But, it’s not long ago that he really came over a hurdle and started really target shooting. You may remember my post about him shooting the M&P15-22 before it came out. That was the first truly good shooting I’ve seen him do. It’s only gone uphill from there. He likes to keep his targets, and it’s been really amazing watching his improvement from one sheet of paper to the next. Last night, he put five shots on a target that looked like three with an air rifle.

Now, we are going to start working on standing. Coach has talked to us about International Rifle standing technique, and talked to Kiddo a little bit about it last night. He worked with him briefly on where to put his hands and elbows, and essentially how to do the job. He said that Kiddo would need to practice his stance at home with his own rifle. As hard as Kiddo worked last night, we decided to start with his standing practice tonight. I’m looking forward to that.

It seems like every time he has a good range session, it inspires him to be responsible in everything else, and he generally has an improved overall attitude. Just like anybody else, he likes to be good at something. One thing that separates him from every other person that I know is that he naturally doesn’t seem to give a crap if the next person is better at something that he is, just as long as he’s doing the best that he can. That’s something that the vast majority of us have to learn along the way. As much as there is something to be said for some healthy competition, I can’t imagine being completely unfettered by the drive to be better at the stuff I do than the average bear! What a blessing!

As a related side, we’ve been working up the 20-gauge shotgun so that it will be comfortable for Kiddo to shoot. I looked at Knoxx Stocks and all kinds of different bolt-on stuff, but ultimately decided to go at it on the cheap. When I pulled off the tritium bead to install it on Jenni‘s Defender, I installed some kind of Hi-Viz bead that they had at Academy. I took a factory, black, plastic, Winchester stock and chopped about two inches off of it with my circular saw. When I test shot it, I thought it was going to bloody my nose! So, I filled the remaining hollow of the stock with used wheel weights. 😀 Now, the gun balances very nicely toward the rear of the receiver. When I test fired it on Saturday, the recoil was very soft. Kiddo hasn’t shot it yet (really didn’t feel up to it on Saturday), but has held it, and finds it to be more comfortable with the muzzle balanced out so much. I’m really looking forward to him trying it out! In my mind, the 20-inch barrel is about right for a kid his size for several shooting exercises. Maybe I’ll have it reamed and threaded for choke tubes… Hmmmm….

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2 thoughts on “Parenting and Guns – Part II

  1. I wonder. If the kiddo decides on the military route for a while I wonder if sniper school would be in his future, or possibly SWAT.

    Course, I hope whatever path he goes down it is one that he is happy with and he is excited about.
    .-= Instinct´s last blog ..The Boob Scarf =-.

  2. Good for you, Weebot!
    (And, I guess, for you, too, Evyl and Jenn, for raising what seems to be turning out to be a pretty good kid!)

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