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Fashion has to be one of my guilty little pleasures in life. Let’s face it: I like it when women look good, and I like it when a designer augments God’s artwork. I like to look good as well. I just feel like it does well when I present myself at my best. Frankly, I like the attention. I love to clothe my family and myself in beautiful materials and designer labels. Thank God for ebay and resale shops! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible.

Remember the Spice Girls? I understand they recently did some kind of reunion stunt. I happen to really like Geri Halliwell’s (Ginger Spice) solo album Schizophonic. It is poppy and simple, but the melodies and harmonies are creative and entertaining. It is a far cry from the whole ‘girl power’ deal, and it’s not for everyone, but certainly worth a listen. But, I digress…

Victoria Beckham, a. k. a. Posh Spice has been working on fashion design. Back when the Spice Girls had their first 15-minute go-around in the spotlight, I took it for granted that their personas were simply character acting and had little to do with them as individuals. This was not true for Victoria, anyway. As it turns out, the girl has a great eye for form, and her designs are really making a splash! Here’s an odd commercial for her dress line:

Apparently, Elle has been doing a lot of work to support her upstart as a fashion designer. And, I have to admit – I was skeptical at first. But now, I’m fascinated. I’m looking forward to seeing her develop her skill and talent in this area. She shows some real promise, and I’m not scared of her like I am Donatella Versace. Seriously, tell me that this isn’t hot:

Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll let you get back to reading gun blogs. 😀

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