Update 9/30/09 – Germs and Guns

Today marks a week that I’ve been fighting the ‘allergies that I caught’ from a coworker. Two of the four of us sickies have been to the doctor. Both appointments confirmed that it’s not strep, and it’s not influenza (of any variety), but the anecdotal evidence remains consistent that it sucks. The symptoms and pattern of disease cycle have been very consistent between us as well. Without going into too much detail, this is one of the nastier mystery bugs that I’ve fought. So far, the wife and son have remained healthy, but we’ve been more careful than my coworker. I just know that this thing is going to break at any minute. I’m feeling a little better today, but I was on Saturday and Sunday as well, for that matter. I kind of feel like if I got one, really good night’s sleep, I’d be healed. But, enough of that for now. Neither of you wants to hear me whine.

Yesterday, I detailed my interest in getting a Cobra ‘Big Bore’ derringer for the purpose of holster making. In my searching for a source for the absolutely cheapest example of this creature, I happened across a company that makes a lot of to-spec-sized, aluminum, dummy guns. They’ve got examples that I had no idea were available. So, I’ve put myself on the ‘interest list’ to purchase a solid aluminum Cobra derringer. I was told that it will probably be available in a couple of months, and at that point I should be able to start in on derringer holsters for real!

So, between the pluses and minuses, I still see no need to betray my optimistic nature in life.

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  1. Dang, them’s some long-lasting contagious allergies for a robot! Get better already… I just don’t feel right picking on you when you’re not 100%!

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