This week, one of my coworkers started coughing and sniffling in my office. The office room that I work in is just big enough for four desks. I share the office with three other people. Our desks don’t really have wall dividers, per se, so I can’t really call them cubicles. We asked the sniffly, coughy coworker if he was sick. He assured us that it was merely allergies.

Well, the other three of us seem to have caught his ‘allergies.’ About two days ago, I started feeling a very slight scratch in my throat, and got that ‘aw, crap’ feeling. He went to his doctor this morning. We told him not to come back if it’s swine flu. The doctor told him that it was some miscellaneous respiratory thing, and gave him a shot of something or another.

This morning, as I was trying to wake up, my wife asked me if I was feeling okay. In my groggy, trying-to-wake-up state, I said that yes I felt great. Then I realized that no, I felt like total crap, and actually more like somewhere between just-got-run-over-by-a-truck and what those guys on Trainspotting looked like they were going through when they were trying to get off the heroine. Yuck! I still came in to work, though.

I was discussing the feeling that we were getting sick with the coworker that sits across from me. She said that her throat felt awful and she felt like she was getting the flu. I stood up and said, “If you’ll excuse me, I need to go turn my intestines wrong-side out now.” Yeah. This sucks. I just hope it doesn’t last very long. Blech!

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3 thoughts on “Infirmity

  1. On the bright side, since you all seem to have gotten it at once you won’t be passing it around from one to the other like what happened where I used to work.

    They would say “We don’t want you here if your sick” and then chew your ass out for calling in sick.

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