Anybody Want to Be a Jet-Pack Pilot?

Here’s the link to the ebay auction. It’s only got two bids on it, and the experience is going for the low, low price of only $31,100.00 currently. Either of you going to try to snipe it tomorrow evening? I haven’t got that kind of money. If I did, I’m sure I wouldn’t have that kind of money to blow. Even if I did, I’d be hesitant to blow it like that. But, that’s just me. I guess I’m kind of cheap like that. I think I’d prefer to wait until the market version and go to the jet-pack rental place.

I really have to hand it to Total Experience for a stunt like this. I’m sure whatever fee they wind up getting for the ebay auction won’t put a dent in their R&D costs or operational overhead, but they’re getting a lot of exposure for it. I’d like to shake whichever New Zealander’s hand that figured out how to get not merely free advertising, but actually get somebody to pay >$30,000.00 for it! Maybe he should get out of aviation and into advertising!

Sorry about all this. I’m on a kick on thinking about different, novel ways to easily rack up some serious cash. There are just so many opportunities out there, and despite the state of the economy, there are some shrewd people that are making a lot of money! I just don’t see why I couldn’t be one of those shrewd people. I’ve taught myself to be good at a thing or two already. Surely I could learn to be good at making money, right? It’s like my friend Instinct wrote recently in an email, detailing his upcoming business plan:

Step 1. Steal all the underwear.

Step 2. ??????

Step 3. Profit!


UPDATE!!! *cheesy telegraph sound*



In the name of everything holy! Somebody paid $35,101.00 for a ride on a jet-pack! Talk about having money to burn! There are so many things that would make my must-have list prior to a jet-pack ride. That kind of money will buy a pretty nice car or truck. That would be a great down-payment on a home construction project. Just offhand, without checking numbers, I’d feel pretty comfortable saying that chunk of change right there would pay off all of my debts – including my mortgage. Oh, well. Some people have more money than sense. Then there’s people like the rest of us that seem to have more cents than money!

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