500th Comment

I received my 500th comment over the weekend on my post about spectator sports. Luv2shoot, who ought to write a blog commented:

“The question is why do people appreciate that which is lower brow?”
Different strokes for different folks.

Too true. In fact, I have to admit that I’m a little ashamed at using the term ‘lower brow’ in my comment. That was entirely too cruel and emotionally charged given the circumstances. Just because someone likes Miller Light more than a good, German marzen, does that mean that they don’t have very good tastes? …OK. Bad example. At any rate, I’m glad that not everybody likes all the same stuff. Frankly, if everybody else liked the stuff I like, I couldn’t afford it! Plus, I’d probably get bored and have to go find something else to do. I think what really frustrates me about the whole spectator sports deal is that lots and lots of people don’t seem to have a genuine interest in it outside of using it as a relational tool (as Instinct pointed out in the same comments section.) Nobody in my family ever showed much of an interest in watching ‘the game’ when I was growing up. Maybe that indicates that my lack of interest is hereditary – or learned, for that matter. My dad actually made a brief attempt at keeping up with sports a few years ago. I think it was for the purpose of socializing. Then, he started riding motorcycles. He’s really gotten into that!

But, I digress. Maybe one day, I’ll have millions of comments like Tam, and I’ll look back on when I thought my 500th comment was this huge success. I’m going to make it a point to enjoy the simplicity while I’ve got it. Thanks for the comments, everybody!

–E. R.

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