Update – 9/19/09

Jen and I went to the range today. You may have read my previous post that depicts the skillz of the Evyl Robot Royal Coupyl with our shotguns. Today, we brought masking tape with us! πŸ˜€ Here are my updated results:


Please note how my left-hand fingers move like a violinist over his fretboard. My fluid-like motions, and my rock-like stability. (You are allowed to roll your eyes right here.) Jen started the camera right after my first shot, so I actually put 19 shots downrange in 30-seconds. That ought to kill some zombies!

Also, Jen decided that she wanted new grips for her birthday. I kind of figured that she would want Ahrends grips. But, she picked out a gorgeous set of Esmeralda grips. I’m not disappointed, just surprised. These should come in sometime next week:

Gorgeous. It’s a darned shame that she doesn’t make Smith & Wesson grips besides J-frames. Even so, she does a hell of a job on them, and the gun is deserving of such artistry. Frankly, that’s why I love making holsters for them. Make sure to check out her 1911 grips and her Hi-Power grips. I have to tip my artistic hat to her! Anyway, I’ll get some pics posted of Jen’s snubby with the new furniture when available!

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7 thoughts on “Update – 9/19/09

  1. Instinct, the video works a little clearer if you download it and run it from the local machine. See, I’m just THAT fast! LOL!

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  3. “like a violinist over his fretboard”?? Uh, violins don’t have frets – it’s a fingerboard πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I just subscribed to the RSS on your blog, and I’m liking it – a lot!

    BTW, those are some seriously nice grips; if my wife sees them, we’ll have to get another revolver next! (Yes, we are a shooting couple as well.)

    Thanks for putting in the effort for a nice site.

  4. “Uh, violins don’t have frets – it’s a fingerboard”

    Meh. Fretless basses don’t have frets either. Does that make it a ‘fingerboard’ too? They don’t have fingers on them either! Seriously, though. I’ve totally eschewed anything classical string besides listening to them.

    I’m glad to have you aboard, Cannotbesilent! It’s better to shoot a couple than just the husband or wife. Never leave witnesses. πŸ˜›

    Thank you for reading the effort!

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