4 Movie Reviews from the Weekend

Jen and I have gotten way behind on our movies and TV, so we’ve been doing a little catch up. Over the weekend, we watched four films with mixed results…

Across the Universe – I didn’t expect much from this one, and it delivered accordingly. When the previews came out for this one, I thought that it looked interesting enough to give a watch. If you don’t like The Beatles’ music, you’ll hate it. If you don’t like song covers, you’ll hate it. If you don’t like weak love stories, you’ll hate it. If you don’t like musicals, you’ll hate it. Even if you like all of the above, I still guarantee nothing. It wasn’t so much a bad movie, but it was really, really weak. Example:

Granted, there’s something to be said about the artistic reinterpretation in this scene, but imagine sitting through TWO HOURS of this crap! More like Imagine There’s No Heaven! Sitting through this film makes it a little too easy! I have yet to see one of these stunts pulled off properly. Think Moulin Rouge.

The Bucket List – This was a really cute movie that drew a line between what matters in life and what doesn’t, as two terminal cancer patients come to terms with their mortality. It ends as a lovely story of redemption with many laughs and throat lumps along the way. Thumbs up. This movie would fit well in the collection that also contains Secondhand Lions, Big Fish, and Gran Turino. I would highly recommend it.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – This one exceeded my expectations in every way except for its ‘3D capabilities.’ The cover claimed it to be a 3D movie, but 3D it was not. I feared that it would be yet another gross butchering of classical literature, and it was not that. Rather its plot was spun from the concept that key characters were fans of Verne’s work, and found that most of his writings told little-known truths about our world. Not an Oscar-getter, but a great kid’s movie! It had enough action and color to keep the kids busy, and a sexy pair of pants to keep some of the older audience’s attention!

My Bloody Valentine (in 3D) – Terrible with a capital ‘B’! I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself! The acting was abbysmal, the character development was… …well, there wasn’t any of that really. The slasher effects were corny and unrealistic, such as a teenage boy being stabbed through the back of the head with a miner’s pick-axe, which held his skewered eyeball out in front of his face (in 3D, no less) before he fell to the ground. Interaction between characters, and their reactions to their surroundings may as well have been written by a Vulcan. I would totally watch this one again, just for the giggles. The 3D effects were actually really well done. There was one short scene in which there was some very minor, distracting ghosting from the 3D effects. The biggest problem seemed to be that they blew the entire budget on the 3D effects, and had nothing left to pay for a script or actors. They tried to make up for it with some nudity, but it was a lost cause. Thus, often is born a comic masterpiece! That was the case with this one.

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3 thoughts on “4 Movie Reviews from the Weekend

  1. I suffered through Across the Universe at the theater because I promised a friend I’d go with her. It got to the dollar theater before she managed to drag me. It was tolerable, I guess. I really did like the Dana Fuchs’ cover of Helter Skelter. That lady’s got a hell of a voice!

  2. We had the soundtrack from ‘Across the Universe’ playing at work when it came out. All I can say is that is was better than the soundtrack to ‘Mama Mia’.

    Which is like saying that a Gremlin is better than a Yugo.

  3. I overall liked the soundtrack of ATU. I wouldn’t rock out to it in my car on the way to work, but they did a great job in revealing aspects of the music that I’ll hear when I listen to the proper versions! 😀 I feel the same way about Moulin Rouge.

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