Impeach? You’ve got to be kidding me!

I’ve been seeing bumper stickers like this for a while now. You know, I’m a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own stupid opinion, but this is just plain dumbassity! Sentiments like this are much akin to “I’m going to sue you even if I have to take it to the Supreme Court!” Yeah – you do that, dumbass.

It’s like this: Should someone go to jail because you don’t like them? Let’s say that your neighbor really pisses you off. You can say all kinds of nasty things about them, but what if they aren’t doing anything illegal or wrong? If the cops came and hauled them off, I hope your conscience would pang just a little bit. This is exactly what these “special” drivers are suggesting we do. They are suggesting that their dislike of our President is grounds for criminal charges on him. I’m sorry, but that is beyond the scope of everyone having their own stupid opinion. To me, that viewpoint is more criminal than what they are claiming against the man.

As these thoughts were taking on their current structure, I was reminded of my wife selling bumper stickers on her blog. I thought that I might try my hand at it as well. So, to all of you who know these people, and want to help re-direct them to not look so ignorant of due process and the way checks and balances work, I submit this jewel for your approval:

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You can simply place this bumper sticker over the top of the offending, dumbass bumper sticker that they currently have. It works great if you buy a used car that it pre-decorated in all kinds of rhetorical tripe. It’s not just for political stickers, either! If you have a preowned car that you have been unable to remove the “Keep Honking: I’m Reloading” or “I Brake for Blondes” sticker from, this can be like an apologetic white-out for your car. Old bumper stickers can get stubborn, after all.

Heck, this one works on the other side of the fence as well! From poll records to current approval ratings, a little over a quarter of our country’s people who voted for G. W. B. TWICE has since changed their minds about him. Do you need to cover up that embarrassing “Bush 04” sticker? No big deal. You can use my sticker to say that it was a major FAIL on your part (although I would still have to disagree with you).

Anyway, I hope that both of my readers get a good laugh out of this post. If you both buy a sticker, I’ll even earn $.80!

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4 thoughts on “Impeach? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  1. Not sure I get the humor, but I agree with the sentiments otherwise.

    I still want a “McCain/MILF 08!” sticker :)

    Yes I know it could be somewhat looked upon as insulting- that’s not my angle. First of all, she is, secondly and more to the point, it’s funny, damnit!

  2. Jafo, I think this link will clear things up for you on the source of the humor:

    As far as crude humor is concerned, where would we be without it? I say fight political correctness and be yourself, even if that means being crass from time to time.

  3. You need to have more fun with this.

    I think you need to come up with stickers that look like the originals but say something different:

    Odumbass ’08
    Obiteme ’08
    Got Hype?

    Or get the same ones and put them on upside down so the people driving the cars look like idjits.

    Hmm… I gotta order some bumper stickers.

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