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Both of you have read my recent post, in which I talked about my tied top three search terms. In the same vein, I decided to have a little search engine fun. I know that when I do a Google or Yahoo! search for ‘evyl robot’, it very reliably leads to me. Whether that’s my current blog, my old blog, where I’ve commented on other people’s blogs or interwebtron forum thingies, etc. Anyway, I got curious about searching for ‘evyl’ and thought I’d give it a whirl. As it turns out, I’m not nearly as original as I thought! In a Yahoo! search for ‘evyl’, I don’t even make the first page of results! Rather, I’m on the fifth hit on the third page of search results, bested by the likes of Evyl Clothing Company (NSFW and under construction), Emerald Valley Youth Lacrosse (LOL!), a couple of illustrious myspace profiles, blogs I’ve never heard of, and some other random stuff.

The Google search for ‘evyl’ is a little less demoralizing to me, as I come in solidly at the sixth hit on the first page. I’m right underneath Dr. Evyl’s Underground Lair 3.0 (under construction), From Evyl With Love (a vulgar and occasional blogger), one post by the aforementioned From Evyl which seems to be his contribution to some online rolling story, and then two links to Mystress Lady Evyl’s website and blog. Apparently, she does a lot of workshops and sells a lot of paraphernalia related to BDSM and… …how shall we say… …toys.

So, it seems that I’ve got my work cut out for me. I have to make my interwebtron presence more prevalent than online church magazines, websites under construction, and children’s sports teams. I’d like to thank both of my readers for sticking with me, because I couldn’t have made it this far without you! Now, I look to the future!

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5 thoughts on “Evyl – Search Fun – Link Rich

  1. “Correction, three regular readers”

    I was counting you as one of the two, TOTC. 😉

    “It’s because you’re not Evyl enough, Robot. You’re the Diet Coke of Evyl….”

    No, Inst! You’re confused. Diet Coke is evil, not evyl. I’m more like Jolt.

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