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I think it’s really funny how one can directly gauge how nervous the left is by how preposterous their claims get. My wife, Jennifer sent me this one. And then, my friend, Instinct posted this link in his blog. The stories have gotten so ridiculously bigger-than-life. They make her out to be a gangster the likes of which would make the Clintons green with envy. Besides all of that, when did this become a race between Obama and Palin, anyway? She won’t be running for president until the 2012 election. Regardless, this is how the rational *ahem* conversation goes between a typical Republican and Democrat:

Republican: “I’m concerned with Obama’s lack of experience. He was a Community Organizer for a little while, and is a brand-new senator. He hasn’t headed up any significant projects. Besides that, the way he talks makes it sound like the thinks that the Federal government should run our lives. I don’t really want that to happen. Sure I’ve heard rumors questioning his citizenship and some other things, but I’d really rather not put too much weight on that. If he gets elected, surely they will check the proper paperwork. We can’t get a driver’s license without at least two forms of ID. I would think that to be President he would need to produce a birth certificate at least.”

Democrat: “Huh uh! Palin is the one with NO experience! What does being a mom have anything to do with anything? She should have aborted all of her babies, if she’s a real progressive woman, anyways. You know that she extorted all kinds of funds from the poor people in Alaska, and that she owns slaves, and hates everyone? She’s scary! HOPECHANGE!”

Republican: “Um, okay. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but I might be interested in seeing some documented evidence. You are bringing up some pretty serious accusations there. Besides that, you didn’t even respond to what I said…”

Democrat: (interrupting) “And one time, she melted a nun with acid that she squirted out of her eyes! I know because I read it on!”

Republican: “Those must be some good drugs you are on there, hippie. I’m sorry, I thought we were having a rational, respectful, political conversation. But, apparently…”

Democrat: (interrupting again) “She’s an alien who has come to the Earth to take over and enslave our species! And she gave birth to bat-boy! And, and, and… …and she ate Tokyo!!!”

Republican: “Look, buddy. You obviously have no interest in discussing politics like a grown-up, and I have my mind made up on my vote due to rational thought. I guess I’ll let you back to your ‘Bush is eeevillll’ comic books for now.”

Democrat: “Bush? BUSH? BBBUUUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHH??? He’s the reason why gas is so expensive! He drinks oil, and so do his friends! We’re losing the war in Iraq! He’s the stupidest clown in the world! He’s got two brain cells and they fight! But, he’s also a diabolical, evil genious! He’s supporting terrorists with his….”

Of course, the Republican has to simply walk away when he terminates the interchange. Don’t get me wrong. I have friends that are very intelligent who are going to vote for the Donkey for their own reasons (as much as that makes me scratch my head), and I respect them for it. But, it seems like the internet is just chocked full of these simpletons who bomb on the GOP because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. If they understand that ‘Hope’ means ‘take away your freedom’ and ‘Change’ means ‘tax the hell out of you’, then I suppose they’ve picked the right candidate.

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4 thoughts on “Palin for VP

  1. My favorite part is when they start ranting about how dumb Bush is and they begin foaming at the mouth.

    I usually say “So, let me get this straight; Bush is a moron, but he was still smart enough to fool all the Democrats in Congress to go along with the Iraq war.

    So, that must mean that Bush is smarter than the Democrats”

    About that time their eyes start twitching and rolling around

  2. LMAO

    1. Squirted acid out of her eyes.

    2. Bush drinks oil.

    3. I’m so tired of reading women bloggers who explain their hatred of Palin being based on her stance against women’s rights. You know, I’m pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, but I don’t think those are topics of decision in this election. There is so much more at stake here. Besides, it’s not as if Palin will succeed at taking away abortion rights. STOOPID morons. Women like that shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Oops. They’re going to come after me now and when I try to run for vice president they’ll assassinated my character.

  3. Welcome, Plunger Girl! Your blog makes me giggle.

    On abortion – I feel like people should be responsible for their bodies, and we should seek to protect the innocent.
    On gay marriage – I don’t think the government has the right to define what marriage is at all. Marriage is a sacred union (between a man and a woman in my opinion), and the government defining it is a clear violation of the Seperation of Church and State.
    Now that I’ve illustrated where I disagree with you, I fully agree with you that these are not presidential issues – for this election or any other. The fact that abortion has ever been considered a presidential issue is just asinine.
    The Religious Right tried to use abortion against Rudy when he was in the race. What really shocks me is that the Left is using it as an argument now. The Left – who has traditionally avoided and glazed over the issue when it’s been brought up in election time.
    That’s how bad Palin has scared them. They are so scared that they will specifically attack her with the issues that they have traditionally avoided.

    So anyway, welcome and come back anytime.

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