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I saw this today in a link that my wife sent to me. I have to believe that the study is oddly slanted. I just hired a carrier to haul a trailer to Oregon at $1.40/mile. He was driving an F340, Super Duty, 4×4, crew cab, long-bed dually. This study shows the average cost per mile for F-Series pickups at $2.392. What they are saying is that in order for Customer A to get enough out of the vehicle to make it worthwhile for that kind of hire, Customer B must be losing money on it like mad, in order for the average to come out to this number. Similarly, I know very well that my wife and I aren’t spending $.962/mile on our Sentra when you include gas, payment, insurance, and all maintenance; and it would be in the high end of the model comparison, being the SE-R Spec-V, the hot one in the family. Furthermore, I can’t see a Viper and an Avalon being nearly the same cost per mile over the course of their lifetimes. This just in: don’t buy an Armada, splurge the extra 0.26% lifetime cost and get the Lamborghini. They’re practically the same price in the long run!

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