New Grips (Gun Porn)

I asked both of you to help me decide what kind of wood I should order my grips in. Then, I made a decision that was consistent with the popular vote. I ordered my new grips, and said this:

I got my check and order sheet mailed off on Thursday, August 20. Snail mail will probably take about a week to get there. Kim Ahrends said that they are running three to four weeks on orders recently, and snail mail will probably be another week back. So, I’m looking at five to six weeks from the 20th. That should put them in my greasy mitts at the end of September, hopefully.

Well, snail mail surpassed all of my expectations, and Kim Ahrends underestimates himself in his emails.

Yesterday afternoon, the lady boss handed me keys and said that I should check the mailbox. She said that there was a box in the mailbox that she couldn’t get out that she thought had my name on it. At the shop, we’ve got one of those battery mailboxes that’s shared by all the divisions on the block.

When the mailman pulls up, he’s got a key, and he can open one big door to gain access to all the boxes at once. He shoves the mail in that side and locks it up. When we get the mail, we unlock the box from the other side, through a little door. Or box is the one on the bottom corner. The opening on our side is a lot smaller than the one on his.

So, I unlocked the box and saw a USPS-printed box inside of it. It was physically impossible for me to remove it without either destroying the package, or using the jaws of life. I took out my pocket knife (everybody should carry at least one) and slit the tape on the end of the box, pried open the end, and removed the newspaper-wrapped contents. With the contents on the curb, I crushed the box and pried it out of the cubby. Returning to the office, I found that there were my two sets of padauk grips in the crumpled newspaper.

They are everything I wanted them to be! They are gorgeous and fit the guns character nicely. I almost couldn’t wait for 4:30 so I could unite them with their steel hosts. When I got off, I had no proper tools, but I removed the rubber, Hogue Bantam grips with a stack of gift cards and installed the new, pretty Ahrends’s with my Swiss Army knife.


Tell me that doesn’t look right. I haven’t shot with them yet, but they feel nice in the hand, and my clothing drapes over them beautifully. The stock Altamont boot grips have way too much checkering, and the Hogues are way too much rubber for this quality of drape. The Ahrends’s don’t snag cloth, they don’t dig into skin, they don’t poke my back, and they are beautiful. I am super-stoked about my birthday present this year!

If either of you have a S&W revolver that you are looking for grips for, I would greatly recommend Ahrends. These would be the second and third set of his that I’ve specifically ordered. Jenni’s 627PC came with a set in the box, and they are great too. Kim Ahrends’ prices are good, and he’s got a great selection of woods. I don’t have any experience with his 1911 grips, but I know that he made his start with them, so they can’t be bad.

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  2. Padauk is an allergenic Wood From Hell. If your hand starts to itch or swell, you may be building up an allergic reaction.

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