Holster Success Update

OK. So I finally got to take some pictures in sunlight. Here are two pics showing that this thing sucks my Smith & Wesson L-Frame in tight enough that it it undetectable even under a light, cotton shirt:



Here’s a better pic of the holster itself in use:


And, the money shot:


As I said before, I’m thrilled about how this one came out. Maybe it was beginner’s luck, or maybe I have some natural talent for this kind of work. I’m going to have to make some more holsters to find out!

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6 thoughts on “Holster Success Update

  1. Hey old man! Happy Birthday, a bit late. :)
    I don’t think the holster is beginner’s luck, I think you are just an artist with an insane ability to create whatever pops into your head! Rub a little on the rest of us, will ‘ya! TTYL

  2. Kirsten! I had been hoping to figure out how to get to your blog again! Well, I’ve added you to my blogroll now. OBTW – thanks for the compliment!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration to go ahead and give holster-making a shot, via THR.

    I found your thread over there a month or so ago, and am now sitting in front of my first holster, pre-molding stage.

    Very interested in what procedures and products you used to complete your holster. Thanks in advance!

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