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Both of my readers,

You should be pleased to hear that I got the Tech Sights ordered for the Ruger 10/22’s in the house, and I should see those sometime this week. I’m looking forward to getting those installed and start playing with them. I haven’t heard anything bad about them, and it should be good to see if they meet all of my expectations. I still need to pick up some more magazines for all three guns prior to Appleseed, but we’re getting there.

Also, last week I got my new stocks ordered for my twin carry revolvers. I did order the round butt finger grooves…

in padauk…

I got my check and order sheet mailed off on Thursday, August 20. Snail mail will probably take about a week to get there. Kim Ahrends said that they are running three to four weeks on orders recently, and snail mail will probably be another week back. So, I’m looking at five to six weeks from the 20th. That should put them in my greasy mitts at the end of September, hopefully.

They’re going to be really pretty! I know that I’m going to have to make myself a matched pair of holsters when they come in. The holsters I wear are structurally perfect, but they have visibly taken a beating in my torture testing. With my newer finishing methods, I expect their replacements to look good for longer, even under the same duress.

I started looking at getting some extra moon clips for these as well. That’s something that I definitely want to do, but I’m not going to be able to do that right away. I’ll probably order my 7-shot, .357 moon clips from Ranch Products. They sent me a sample and pricing, and I like what I see. The sample is slightly thinner than what came with the guns, so it accepts all types of brass. The Winchesters don’t want to go into the clips that came from S&W, however strange as that may be. The Ranch sample works well with all of the .38 and .357 that I have laying around the house, and slips into the cylinder easily. I’m impressed. And, all of this gunny shopping has me on a roll!

Jenni has mentioned that she would like to have her 640 cut for moon clips.



A lot of people complain about clipped .357 Magnums, saying that the long cartridge is difficult to manage in a moon clip. With our experience with guns that accept moon clips, I could not disagree more. (Please pardon the dark photos.)



To me, any double action .357 Magnum revolver should be able to accept moon clips. To someone that has never used clips or speed loaders, the moon clips do feel awkward. To someone that is familiar with the use of speed loaders and not moon clips, they feel doubly awkward. To someone who has spent a little time reloading a .357 with moon clips, they are incredibly fast, and offer many advantages that you simply can’t get using any other device. You don’t have the bulk of a carried speed loader, extraction is a solid, one-piece ejection, and you don’t have to stop to pick up your speed loader and loose brass in your range session. Clean up becomes one piece for every six, seven, eight, or nine – depending on the capacity of your cylinder.

Even then, you can still load from loose ammo, speed loaders, or speed strips with a gun that is modified to accept clips. Here’s the video from TK Custom, showing the machining process and demonstrating the utility of the finished cylinder:

So, I’m thinking of sending off Jenni’s cylinder for this treatment, and I’m thinking of doing it soon. It looks like the going rate for the machining is ~$100.00. Since I don’t have access to a CNC mill, the charge seems very reasonable – especially since these people do this repeatedly to many guns. Clark Customs will machine the J frame cylinder for $100.00 and throw in one moon clip. Additional moon clips run $3.99 each from Clark. Ranch Products doesn’t charge nearly so much for their clips, but unfortunately they don’t make a .357 J frame clip. It looks like they are in fairly low demand. I’ll probably get her about 25 additional clips from Clark when we have the work done. Ironically, I’ll be able to get 100 of my seven-shot clips from Ranch for the same price.

Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind. Well, there’s that and the whole Ted Kennedy deal, but I don’t really feel like getting all political and stuff today. I’m sure you understand.

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  1. Looks like a good product. Hey, if you still need mags for the 10/22’s, email me or pm me at H&H site. I have two 25 or 30 rounders. One is Butler Creek, the other is Ram-line. I can LOAN them to you, if you want to try’em.

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