Socialist Healthcare

You know, I have been thinking about this whole S-CHIPS deal. I think it’s a really good idea, and I’ll tell you why. If they passed the expansion on it, it would do three great things.
1) Children who are not covered by government-funded health care, because their parents make enough money to pay for insurance, or medical care out of pocket will be able to get government-funded healthcare.
2) Taxes would increase dramatically. We all like paying taxes, don’t we? Yay!
3) It would provide a “foot in the door” towards “Universal,” or “Socialized,” or as I like to call it, Socialist Health Care.
I’m all about supporting children. There are a lot of good programs out there for poor people. Someone who does not make enough money to support their child-spouting loins has every opportunity in this country to get free housing, free groceries, and free medical care. This is a good thing, apparently. In fact, the more kids an unwed mother can squeeze out, the more money she’ll get. I like to call this “Urban Entrepreneurship.” In fact, there are a lot of people who most of us would consider well-to-do, that can’t afford health care for their kids, because of the three Lexuses in the garage next to the boat, the big-screen plasma, the 4,000-sq ft house, and all the other toys that they have to buy. If the expansion to S-CHIPS would pass, despite the best efforts of that eeeeeeevvvvvvviiiiiiiilllllll G. W. B., some of these Lexus-SUV-driving, heated-pool-swimming, Summer-lake-cabin-owning, “poor” people could have the comfort and convenience of knowing that their little private-school-attending, latest-video-game-playing brats would have the best medical care that the government has to offer.
If I’m not mistaken, the initial proposal is that the expansion to S-CHIPS could be funded out of raised taxes on tobacco. This is a really good idea. I, as a recreational tobacco user would love to pay more money for my tobacco. I do see one tiny little problem, though. I, like many other smokers, might be tempted to quit smoking for two reasons. Firstly, I might decide that it’s not worth paying extra money for my cigs so that these “poor” people don’t have to directly pay for doctor visits and meds for their “underprivileged” children. Secondly, it’s pretty clear that smoking will be illegal eventually. The laws on tobacco use have been getting more and more strict, starting at the West Coast and spreading Eastward, like some pompous, self-righteous, health-bred, propaganda-fed epidemic. At this point, it is illegal for an individual to smoke in his own apartment in some areas of California. Even here in Oklahoma, where we are more laid-back about such things, most restaurants are strictly smoke-free, or “Breath Easy.” Honestly, that sounds like a plays that sells oral favors, doesn’t it? What I’m getting to here is that the tobacco tax money will inevitably run out when (not if) the sales of tobacco stop. The tax money will have to be replaced elsewhere. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.
The third, and probably the best reason that this is a great idea, is that it will be a foothold for the democrats to institute true, Socialist Health Care ala Canada or Cuba. This will be wonderful! Just imagine each trip to the doctor having all the comfort and convenience of a trip to the post office or DMV! Instead of the nice little receptionist having you sign in to see the doctor and verify your insurance information, you’ll have to yell at the bitch behind the counter after you stand in line for two hours. There will be a six-week wait on all routine check-ups, and your doctor will have NO bedside manner. Yes, indeed; if there’s anything that our medical industry needs, it’s a touch of government charm.
Now, don’t get me wrong. There are definitely some improvements to be made between health insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. That being said, the government has as much business in medicine as it does in religion. Our medical industry is actually pretty good when you compare it against countries with Socialist Health Care. If we only applied and enforced some of the laws that we already have against monopolies, trusts, and price-gouging, it would be a nice system. Much like illegal immigration, but that’s another can of worms altogether! Let the flames begin!

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  1. In fact, the more kids an unwed mother can squeeze out, the more money she’ll get. I like to call this “Urban Entrepreneurship.”

    Beautiful and well said

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