Mah Birfdai.


Did you know that it’s by biological birthday today?

When I turned 30, I decided to claim two years on each year. That way, when I biologically turn 40, I’ll say that I’m 50, and I’ll look in-freaking-credible for a 50-year-old.

So, although I was born on August 23, 1978, I’m 33 today… except for the fact that I’ve decided to postpone my calendar birthday until October, when the weather will be so much better. So, I suppose I’m not 31 anymore, but I’m 32 for a short period of time until my birthday in October.

I’m not a superstitious person, but my birthday has always been bad luck. I get pulled over and ticketed alarmingly frequently on my birthday. This year, I’ve made a total joke of my birthday, and it’s really been nice!

It feels good to be 32 before I turn 33 in October!

Yeah, and read the weird stuff I dreamed about last night. I hope to never get in a tangle like that!

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