Obamabomb II

This dude has to be one of the most frightening things that I’ve seen in politics. As if it’s not bad enough that he has to spout his slanted rhetoric, he has to quote The Scripture out of context to support his Marxist agenda. If we give him power, I’m afraid that we’ll have problems that We the People never imagined could happen in a place like The United States of America.

We may as well open trade with Cuba, since we’re well on the way to being Communist ourselves. By 2010, we’ll have bread lines and religious persecution that will rival that of the old Soviet Union! Yay! Sign your paycheck over the the government because they know what’s best for you! You don’t need to pay a doctor, let the leaders of our nation be the middle-man for that. Because “everyone has the right to affordable healthcare,” nobody has the right to make their own decisions?

I’m sorry, let me get back on track here. So, we not only get to lose our spending power and our guns, but we also need to give up the Ten Commandments as well. -or so he suggests in this little tirade. Yeah. So, essentially we have no rights to anything at all. This guy’s a winner for sure.

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