What Happened to the Weekend?

I mean, I know I had a weekend. I even remember it!

On Friday evening, we picked up our boy and the three of us went to the gun range for some family shooty goodness. It wasn’t the best shooting I’ve ever done, but it certainly wasn’t the worst, and I believe it was valuable practice towards being the marksman that I want to be. The range cafe food was excellent as usual, the firing bays were hot as usual, and we did have fun. A couple of kids enlisted in the Air Force stopped us to compliment us on our shotgunning. I was flattered. My mom has her Winchester 69A right now, and I missed it. We went to sleep relatively early for a Friday night.

We slept in later than expected on Saturday. I fully expected that I would wake up at about 7:30, and get my outside chores done well before the heat of the day. As it happened in reality, I didn’t wind up rolling out of bed until 10:30. We were completely out of roasted coffee, although I had already received 10-lbs of fresh, green beans, so we had Dr. Pepper. I mowed the lawn, front and back, and started dividing out green beans to roast. As I do, I poured out 1/2-lb for The Evyl Robot Empyre to drink this week, and a 2:1 blend of Panama Hard Bean and Columbian decaf to roast up for work for the week. I haven’t played with the Panama before, and was very much looking forward to roasting it. In addition, I measured out 1-lb of ‘old trusty’: Zambia Terranova Estate AA, for Cat O’Nine Tails and her family, as they were so kind to put us up on our recent trip. I also measured out 1/2-lb of the Zambia for Jen’s cousin Kay, who was also nice enough to board us. She doesn’t drink a lot of real coffee. Living by herself, she prefers to brew from pods. She likes that nearly-burned, cajun-style coffee, so I made sure to give her 1/2-lb a nice, dark, french roast. The two and three quarters pounds of coffee all came out very nicely.

The weather was strange, even by Oklahoma standards. Atypical of an Oklahoma August, it was in the mid-nineties and the air was relatively dry. There was a cooler, blustering breeze, and the sun was impossibly intense, only interrupted by the intermittent dense cloud blowing past. By the time I finished mowing and roasting, it was almost 2:00 in the afternoon, and it was becoming all too clear that my 12-oz Dr. Pepper didn’t have the caffeine that my body has grown accustomed to. I ground and brewed some of my newly-roasted Panamanian coffee. The batch that I roasted for The Empyre came out nicely, barely lighter than a vienna roast. Seeing as how it was already two in the afternoon, I put a half-shot of bourbon in each of our triple espressos. That tasted divine!

After our coffee, we showered off the the yard sweat, played on the interwebtron for a little while, and listened to some Daft Punk. (Yes, our tastes in music go all over the spectrum.) We had to drive to the other end of suburbia to pick up our son from his grandparents’ house, and on the way home, run by Target to pick up some essentials. Upon arriving home, my brother and sister-in-law met us at the house so we could grill up some bratwursts and eat. They left relatively early, about 10:30, as I can recall.

Yesterday, we woke and got ready to go to church. It was not our turn to pass communion and offering plates, but this week’s team was running short-handed, so we volunteered. The boy was upset that he had misplaced his new, stainless steel and CZ ring that his grandparents had bought him in Branson. He was doubly upset that we would not turn the church building upside down to locate the trinket. We tried our best to be sympathetic and comforting, without stealing the value of the lesson of keeping track of one’s belongings. Parenting is a juggling act – a balancing, juggling act. Go too far one direction and you coddle, too far the other and you are cold. He is growing up into a thoughtful and admirable young man, so we must not be screwing up too badly.

Jenni had to stay at the church building for the ‘Choir Revival’ and the boy and I continued to my parents’ house for lunch. We had barbecue chicken sandwiches and my dad’s delicious home brew. He tapped a keg that he’s had lagering since November. It was a really nicely-balanced Summer brew. Jenni called me to tell me that the choir was done and to ask if I would come and pick her up (we still have only one vehicle at the moment). Unfortunately, the phone signal is weak at my parents’ place, and someone had decided to sound-check the piano next to my wife at the church just as she got on the phone. Between the weak signal on my end, and the cacophonous piano pounding on hers, we could barely communicate and the phone call quickly devolved into slow yelling.

The boy and I loaded up in the car and headed back to the church. He was again displeased at my refusal to turn the church building inside out to look for his illusive jewelry. I think he believes that Golem will find it before next Sunday, and carry it into the bowels of Middle-Earth. When we got home, I finished reading MHI (and I will HIGHLY recommend that to any readers out there), and made some sandwiches for dinner. We watched two episodes of Eureka Seven with the kid before he showered and went to bed.

This morning, I dropped Jenni off at work, and the boy at his grandparents’ for the last time this Summer, as he starts school tomorrow. I don’t know what happened to the weekend. It doesn’t feel like I had one!

I checked my blog stats this morning. I’m more consistently hitting over 100-page views a day. I really never saw that coming! Both of my readers, I’d like to tell you that you’ve been joined by possibly several hundred others. I still can’t figure out why anyone in their right mind would want to read my thoughts though…

With that, I’ll leave you with ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ by Daft Punk.

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