W – The President – Part III

The latest polls indicate that G. W. B.’s approval rating is hovering around the 30% mark. I have to admit that the guy is a little goofy, but he’s got class. I think that this viral video clip illustrates both points in that last sentence beautifully. He loves his wife enough to respect her rather than get a cheap feel of some firm, athletic ass, even if his production through the situation is awkward at best. Why do approximately 70% of The American People disapprove of him so? I think that it’s a lack of class. Yes, I’m saying that almost three quarters of The American People have no class. This is what feeds the crap that we see on T. V. – think Desperate Housewives, Big Brother, etc. There are tons of these smatterings of fecal matter on the tube that I don’t want my 9-year-old to watch.

I’m sure glad that I’m not a direct employee of The American Citizenship who are more interested in following rumors, gossip, and tabloid that journalism currently is than they are to open their minds and accept the facts. What facts? The facts are that a man can make a really good call on all the information available at the time, and when it turns out that the information was flawed, it does not make him a “liar.”

The facts and common sense dictate that once we have started a political restructuring in another country, which is going to better the lives of all the people of said country, and we find out that the conditions under which we are there were erroneous, we can’t simply pack up and say, “Oh, sorry guys. We thought there was stuff going on here that may or may not have been. We’ll just let you get back to your own business then.”

The facts are that the presence of yellow cake uranium and hidden fighter jets buried in the desert are a sign of a greater problem in a country that considers us an enemy, and taking out an evil dictator is never a bad idea. I hope that if we were under an evil dictator that was killing us at random, some other country would have the benevolence to take him out for us. Speaking of which and referring back to the media, why is it that I don’t remember ever seeing anything about the Russian fighters on the news? Hmm…

The fact is that no matter how much people whine about how bad a president he is, he keeps on trucking and making decisions that his heart tells him are right and best for his people. That’s class.

The fact is that he has performed no illegal acts that could get him impeached, unlike his predecessor (who incidentally, lacked such class), much to the utter dismay of that aforementioned 70%.

Well, I’m going to have to cut off my railing for now. Next time maybe we’ll look at some other people’s class – like John Edwards…

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2 thoughts on “W – The President – Part III

  1. Your point on the media and the lack of ability/willingness of the American people to think outside the idiot-box is spot on. I am particularly bewildered and dismayed at the media standard that the American people have accepted that President Bush is a failed President and has a failed administration…and no one ever has to prove anything. They simply say it, and everyone accepts it as fact without asking any questions.

    President Bush made a decision in the best interest of his country and stood by it. Can the same be said of many other politicians who voted for Iraq and then side-stepped the responsibility; both for the sake of political expedience? Can the same be said of the media?

    President Bush recognizes the delicate and dangerous nature of international politics, and has accurately characterized and considered the roles of our overt adversaries within international dynamics with respect to US interest. Can the same be said of politicians who continually expose the US to the same type of roles/weaknesses demonstrated by pre-WWII Allies before they pulled their heads out and stood firm in the face of evil? Again the media is complicit in facilitating US vulnerability.

    President Bush has a higher approval rating than the Congress that was built on the media driven/supported “failed administration” platform and has accomplished NOTHING since. Yet, the Congress and many politicians, pundits, and propagandists continue, with the aid of mainstream media, to push the “failed administration” platform to try to capture the oval office.

    I am with President Bush…waiting for the historians.

  2. Thank you, sir! Prince and a gentleman, as I have called you before. You have a brain and an individual mind in times when such things are a rarity. I haven’t received a whole lot of comments recently, and this one is an honor, to say the least.


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