Possible Expansion to Leatherwork…

I’m sure that at this point, both of you are familiar with my gunleather projects. I also know that there is a pretty good crossover in readership between here and my wife’s blog. So, you are probably both familiar with my wife’s current shoe woes.

Allow me to give a little backup to her shoe funk. Last year, when we went on vacation, we found some great deals on some great shoes. I did chronicle our trip on my blog, and was a slug on this trip. Meh! She’s been on a quest for some sexy, purple shoes. At the Galleria, we must have put our hands on hundreds or perhaps thousands of the suckers – I am not exaggerating! But, alas! It was not meant to be on this trip. The one pair that met the price, workmanship, and looks criteria was quite sadly one size too small for her.

One salesman questioned whether I sell shoes, as I inspected the construction of a beautiful, high-heeled boot. The calf-skin was tucked and stitched so beautifully! I’m a total sucker for well-designed structures that perfectly mate form and function. When such a thing is hand-made by an artisan in Italy out of buttery calf-skin, it becomes a little harder to view the ~$700.00 price tag as unreasonable. Granted, I did not shell it out, but I appreciated them. We looked at shoes from more designers than I can name.

There seemed to be three classes of ladies’ shoes that we looked at.
1) Expensive
2) Freaking expensive
3) Crap

And, I was inspired! For some time now, I’ve had the quiet, nagging temptation to try my hand at cobbling. I’m going to do it. There is a design that is slowly coming together in my head. They will be classic and unconventional and shockingly gorgeous, and I will share my results. Unless of course I’m biting off more than I can chew, in which case it will be a disaster that we shall never mention again. I’m going to attempt a wood sole with a calf upper mated to it. My rough run will be a pair of soles made of pine. Once I’ve convinced myself that I can actually do it, I’ll make the final soles out of some kind of exotic wood. I plan on putting them on really tall spikes, as my wife likes to wear her shoes. Often, people think that she is taller than me, when in reality, she lacks about two inches to me, flat-footed.

Women love my holsters. Maybe one day they will be able to match their holster to their shoes to their belt to their purse, etc., et al. I’ve been a little surprised at how few men have pursued my custom holsters. I’ve had inquiries, and several men have my holsters, but it’s really the women that go ga-ga over them. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that women generally love to wear colors. I find it very interesting that men will default to blacks and browns where women want purple, pink, magenta, burgundy, blue, red… We must be the only species on the planet for which the females are decidedly more ornamented than the males.

Anyway, I love my holsters. I’m going to try making shoes.

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