Gun Physics Lesson – August 2008

To both my readers,

I’ve learned something with the daily carrying. When I use the toilet and my pants are unfastened, it takes approximately 3-lbs of force on the back of my belt to pull my pants clean off. My gun weighs approximately 2.5-lbs. Yeah. I have to stand funny, and urinals are completely out. It looks like it will be stalls for me from now on. I suppose I’ll have to be careful about any other weight I put on my belt. I’ve been shocked and amazed at how invisible my firearm actually is in my daily routine. Every time I reveal to someone that I am carrying (of course in privacy, only to people that I really know) they are surprised. My dad has observed that even though he knows that I’m carrying, he’s always surprised to feel it on my back when he gives me a hug, because it’s so well hidden. Not bad for minimal wardrobe change on my 150-lb frame carrying a 7-shot .357 Magnum! I don’t even dress like a gangster! I suppose that means that I’m doing it right.

In related news – On Saturday I focused primarily on shooting my carry gun as I shot it terribly in the previous range session. Let me define “terribly” for you. It was accurate enough to get the job done in real-life scenarios, but that’s not really good enough for me. I know that there are particular stresses in the heat of the moment that can cause accuracy failures. I want to be dead-accurate without even thinking about it. I HAVE to be dead-accurate without thinking about it. If it ever came down to it (LORD, please shield me from such situations), even the slightest delay or lapse in concentration could mean the difference between living or dying. I did remarkably better in this range session, advancing my target all the way out to about 20-yds and still keeping about a 5-inch group. Albeit, my group center was a little low and to the right, but such things can be easily dealt with once the consistency is there. I didn’t have any wild fliers this time around, and the groups were nice and round. I want to keep up this effort until I am able to do sub-3-inch groups at a full 30-yards even with the little 3-inch barrel on my Model 586. I don’t think that this is an unreasonable goal. I suppose only time will tell. Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Gun Physics Lesson – August 2008

  1. Two things for you , my friend. First, make sure you also practice your shooting ranges from the 6-10 foot range since most shooting happen at a close range like that. When I did my MP shooting training you would be surprised at how many shots just missed at such a close distance because everyone seemed to think “I’m so close there’s no way I can miss”

    Two; is there a range out in your area that does combat shooting training or shoot/ no shoot training? That would be something to look for as well.

  2. Instinct,

    1) I’ve actually been starting with my target up close and moving it out over the range session. I find that I’m using far less targets than I was at first. I start at the ~7-yd mark and move out from there.

    2) I don’t know, but that would be cool! I would totally love to do that sort of thing! So like, if it’s an old lady with groceries, you don’t shoot, and then Scorpio from Dirty Harry pops up and you cap him? That sort of deal? I love the scene in MIB that they do that in…

    p. s. – Thanks for the comment!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

    Hubby keeps saying he’ll take me to the range to practice shooting. I would like to someday get my own gun to keep in the house when he’s working nights.

  4. I’ve noticed the same physics in my daily carry, though I don’t undo my belt at a urinal.

    On… “long calls” I remove the pistol and set it somewhere.

    I like leather holsters much more than nylon because they reholster so much easier.

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