Say What? (NSFW, not PG!)

So, my wife told me about this Russian chick that just got in with the Guinness Book of World Records because she lifted over thirty pounds with her “intimate muscles.” After telling me about this, she inquisitively asked me if that thought ‘did’ anything for me – from a guy’s perspective. She asked me if that would make me worry for my junk. With my nose thoughtfully wrinkled, I said, “Remember that dude that could pull a bus with his thingy? That could be a match made in heaven!” I’m sure they would wake the neighbors.

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2 thoughts on “Say What? (NSFW, not PG!)

  1. I read an article on that the other day and didn’t think so much what it would do FOR me, but more of what it could do TO me…LOL

  2. When I was in Thailand I was dragged to a strip club by some of the older members of my shop who wanted the “new kid” to be exposed to the world.

    When we got there I saw something that no person should ever see. It involved a girl, a boa constrictor, and the snake going into places that a snake should never go.

    Needless to say, I have never been in a strip club since then, and I left that one pretty dang quick.

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